Information about the by-laws, AGMs and other legalities.

AGMs and Funding

Garden AGM 2021 – Sunday 10th October @ 5.30pm.

The Hall, St Peter’s Church, 59a Portobello Road.


The Annual General Meeting is the forum where all issues of garden management are discussed and resolved for the following year. All residents paying the relevant Council Tax are entitled to attend.

The AGM elects the Garden Committee for the following year. It also agrees the garden budget, or precept, which is then collected by the Council as part of your Council Tax.  The precept for 2022 is £60,000 (up from £50,000 last year).

For confidentiality reasons, only residents can access the Gardens’ accounts. To make a request please contact us.


Official minutes from the AGM 2020 and past AGM’s.