Info & Rules

General information and rules relating to the Gardens for all residents.

Building work

Arundel and Elgin Gardens are a private communal garden where children and dogs play securely, with the parents and owners confident that security is uppermost in everyone’s minds and the gates are always kept closed.

Any resident who wishes to carry out any building work and have access to their house or flat through the communal gardens may do so, on the following terms:

  • A deposit of £1,000 to the Garden Committee which will be returned at the end of the work, provided there is no damage to the Gardens. Any damage will be deducted from the deposit.
  • The key is given to them by one of the Residents who takes full responsibility for their Builders’ actions, and explains the terms on which the key is lent.
  • Builders ensure garden security – the garden gate must be kept closed when not being used. If the builders need the gate to be open to bring materials in and out, it must be attended by one of the team to ensure that no-one else enters the garden, and no dogs or children run through the gate. If the gate is found open while Builders are using it, the Garden Committee has the right to withdraw the garden key.

If the Residents or Builders are in any doubt, please contact us.

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