Info & Rules

General information and rules relating to the Gardens for all residents.

General Info

A summary of some basic rules for keeping the Gardens a safe, well maintained and attractive amenity for the enjoyment of all residents:

  • Please ensure that the gates at the ends of the Gardens are closed when entering and leaving the Gardens
  • Bicycles must not be ridden in the Gardens, only scooters and tricycles
  • Ball games are only permitted under strict circumstances. Please see the by-laws of the Gardens
  • The central garden is for use by adults only and accompanied children; no dogs or games allowed
  • Dog owners must remove any waste immediately and dispose of it in a plastic bag in the designated receptacles at both ends of the Gardens
  • Private parties are not allowed in the Gardens
  • Please take the remains of picnics on the lawns back to your own bins. Do not leave in the garden bins as it attracts foxes and rats
  • The compost area is for the gardeners’ use only. Please take advantage of the borough’s green collection scheme to dispose of your garden waste
  • Please store building materials, large sacks of compost, etc within your own garden area

As a resident you are entitled and encouraged to come to the garden AGM. The date and agenda will be posted on the website, notice board and copies will be dropped through the letterbox of each house.

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