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Garden News – MARCH 2021

Update Committee Members & Roles – our latest Committee member in charge of Family Liaison. Click here for roles and contact details.

A photo of the swings area – this is being improved on 8th & 9th March with fake grass (same as the other playground area)

2021 Meeting summaries – Garden Committee Meetings https://www.arundelandelgingardens.org/governance/committee-meetings/

Investigation on changes in Portobello Road – Alexia (from Arundel Gardens) is doing some work for a school project. She has created a questionnaire on changes in Portobello Road, and it would be extremely helpful for her if any Arundel Elgin Garden residents could fill in this questionnaire (follow the link) and submit.https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeOt7-6nAi6SfFeTrY3kJEgTA5fONg1Xk2oeKfmfx2BE4JRlw/viewform

Current and past Garden Newsletters & Garden Updates here https://www.arundelandelgingardens.org/garden-news/

Garden works and photos – see the Garden section(& our social media pages) https://www.arundelandelgingardens.org/garden/

Lawn works to improve drainage and Mulberry tree preservation works (protective ring/layer added to protect the roots) now completed – this section of the Gardens will be closed off until mid March, Click on link for photos,https://www.arundelandelgingardens.org/garden/

12th January 2021 – Welcome to our new gardening team https://www.arundelandelgingardens.org/garden/

The new garden bench and letters of thanks from each of our £1,250 donations to Macmillan and Shooting Star.

The new garden bench

The old bench was shipped to the USA to a former garden resident now living there with a romantic attachment to the old bench. All expenses were paid with a generous donation to the Gardens which was donated to our two charities.

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