Information about the by-laws, AGMs and other legalities.


The by-laws of the Arundel and Elgin Communal Gardens.

  1. Pursuant to the Gardens in Towns Protection Act 1863, the management of the above Gardens is vested in a Committee appointed annually by a meeting of rated inhabitants, being hereinafter referred to as ‘The Gardens Committee’ or ‘The Committee’.
  2. The Committee shall have full powers to make such rules and regulations as may be necessary to ensure the proper care and attention of the Gardens etc and the comfort and protection of persons entitled to use the same. Subsequent to which:-
  1. No private parties may be held in the Gardens.
  2. No radios etc or any musical instrument may be played in the Gardens.
  3. The central or enclosed garden is for use by adults and accompanied children only; no dogs or games allowed.
  4. No fires may be lit in the Gardens without the prior consent of the Committee.
  1. No person is entitled to the use of the Gardens unless resident in, or accompanied by a resident of, the premises listed below: Arundel Gardens even numbers 2 – 52. Elgin Crescent odd numbers 17 – 61. Ladbroke Grove numbers 70, 72 and 74 only. All other persons will be treated as Trespassers and will be liable to prosecution.
  2. Every owner, owner’s agent or occupier of a house, flat or other dwelling abutting onto the Gardens will be held responsible for the due observance of the Bye-Laws by their tenants, sub-tenants, family, friends, lodgers or children of the aforementioned persons.
  3. The entrance gates in Kensington Park Road and Ladbroke Grove are to be kept locked and all persons using these gates for entering and leaving the Gardens must lock the gate. Keys may be obtained from the Treasurer only and must besurrendered to the Treasurer on demand or on leaving the area. Any money paid for keys may be refunded. Keys will only be used by the person to whom they are issued and may not be used by any members of that person’s family under 14 years of age.
  4. No catapults, bows and arrows, slings, firearms, arrows, saws or sheath knives will be allowed into the Gardens. It is forbidden to discharge any of the aforementioned weapons into the Gardens from any private garden abutting onto the Gardens. Stone-throwing is forbidden.
  5. No person shall destroy, or attempt to destroy, by any means whatever any domestic animal or birds in the Gardens.
  6. No person shall cut, break or otherwise injure the trees, shrubs, flowers, seats, walls, fences, gates or huts or do any act which may injure or damage any property belonging to these Gardens.
  7. It is forbidden to enter any fenced or railed-off area in the Gardens.
  8. Any damage done to the Gardens or to any property of the Committee shall be made good to the satisfaction of the Committee by, or at the expense of, the person who did the damage or caused it to be done, always providing that a parent shall be responsible for any damage caused by a child.
  9. The use of all wheeled conveyances other than perambulators, invalid chairs, children’s tricycles and scooters in the Gardens is forbidden and it is not allowed to park any such Wheeled Vehicles in the Gardens. It is an offence to ride a bicycle in the Gardens.
  10. No dogs are allowed in the Gardens except in charge of a responsible adult person. Dog owners must not allow their dogs to bark excessively to the annoyance of tenants of the houses abutting onto the Gardens. Dog owners must not allow their dogs to foul the paths and lawns.
  11. It is an offence for any person to deposit any rubbish, domestic refuse etc into the Gardens.
  12. Any person who wilfully obstructs any member of the Committee, or its servants, in the lawful conduct of their duties shall be committing an offence.
  13. Any person committing a breach of these Bye-Laws is liable to prosecution. The Committee may without prosecuting any offender, bar anyone who commits a breach of these bye-Laws from the use and enjoyments of the Gardens for such a period as the Committee may determine and any person so banned or suspended shall, upon written request, surrender all Entrance Gate keys to the Committee.
  14. All children are to be out of the Gardens by lighting-up time.
  15. Ball games are prohibited save in the following circumstances always with consideration for the planted areas:
  1. Only strictly between parents and/or supervising adults and their children under the age of eleven.
  2. Involving no more than four persons in total and
  3. A soft ball of less than 15 centimetres (six inches) in diameter or a plastic beach ball.
  4. But not in the Central Garden.

Signed on behalf of the Gardens Committee: 14.11.2006.
Nick Pedgrift, Solicitor, Chairman. David Bailey, Secretary.

The above Bye-Laws were allowed and confirmed at the Crown Court, Inner London Sessions House, Newington Causeway, London SE1. Signed by a Judge of the Court on 17.6.1975.

The repeal of the previous Bye-Law 17 and its replacement by the present Bye-Law was allowed by Judge Aidan Marron on 8.11.06.