Document presented by a resident at AGM 2021

29th January, 2022

Dear Neighbours,

I am getting an email list together so we can share information about the recent floods and its impact on our neighbourhood. A number of Elgin Crescent residents are already communicating in this way and we thought that it was useful to include our Communal Garden neighbours. If you would like to be added to the list please email me on: and I will add you. Please note everyone will be Bcc’d and we will not divulge the list to anyone else.

We are all now living in a designated GLA flood zone. This will raise the house building’s insurance for many of us (which is held collectively by house residents not just the individual contents insurance of basement properties) and may affect your resale value if you are a property owner or the amount your property will rent for if you are a landlord. If you are a rental tenant of a basement property it will also affect your contents insurance costs.

There will be a number of follow up panels, meetings, legal, environmental and other processes which will follow from the 2021 flood and if we want to be represented or to take part we need to share information which is why we started the list. The first major step will be the independent public investigation into what went wrong in July looking at both RBKC’s and Thames Water’s areas of responsibility and also looking at the failure of some anti flooding measures including the Sustainable Underground Drainage System put in after the 2007 floods beneath the road in Arundel Gardens. This investigation will begin later this Autumn. As with most issues the more local people are involved the more seriously the impact of the flood will be taken by those authorities which can prevent this happening to us again.

There are also 2 other email lists for people wanting information about their rights (and possible legal actions) and what Thames Water/RBKC are doing including information about the public investigation;

Henry Davey, is the local lawyer who was flooded and who drew up the original legal Notice of Action which some of us sent to Thames Water. He started the NextDoor Flood group which currently has over 200 members . He intends to follow up his initial legal letter but will need your email address and your formal consent (GDPR rules) to add you to his list: If anyone wants to send in the pro forma legal letter which Henry has written please email him and he will send it to you. Henry’s list is principally for those who are seeking legal class action or compensation support Henry says: please send an email to me with consent to include your email address in the circulation list just cut & paste the text in red in your email. When that is compiled I will communicate via that distribution list rather than the flood group Please include my email address in the flood claims distribution list and I (give your name) consent to my email address being shared with others who join the distribution list.

Cllr David Lindsay, a Norland Ward Councillor is gathering emails and subsequently evidence from RBKC residents who were flooded, from whichever RBKC ward, this was one of our early requests to RBKC. He will be updating people on the actions RBKC and Thames Water will be taking. It is really important that we have a community databank of evidence . Email: with your address and any details/evidence you want to share about the flood.

Public Meeting or RBKC Residents: Anyone who would like to attend can go to the Town Hall, Hornton Street W8 7NX at 6.30 on 11th October to hear Thames Water answer questions from residents who were flooded. Councillors from wards which experienced flooding will be there as will the RBKC Flood Risk Officer, Patricia Cuervo and representatives from the Water industry regulator Ofwat. Anyone who can’t make it can follow it on RBKC’s YouTube feed.

Let your MP know: you can also copy any questions or any correspondence you send to Thames Water/RBKC to who will also be following up residents’ concerns in the Commons and liaising with the group of MP’s who have constituencies which were flooded (this includes MPs in Westminster, Brent, Fulham & Hammersmith)

Let your Ward Councillors know: As above, we are in Colville Ward so our local representatives are: and so please copy them in.

Thames Water comes to Portobello: Later this autumn representatives from Thames Water will be coming to our ward (Colville) to answer questions and our Ward Councillors will be there. I will keep you updated about date and venue.

Please feel free to pass on this email to anyone you know who might benefit from any of this information.

Best wishes, Fiona Fleming-Brown