We are starting a #plasticfreecampaign around Notting Hill with the aim to achieve plastic free community status.


This campaign is run under Surfers Against Sewage, a charity started by surfers to tackle plastic waste polluting the oceans. Since then it has grown into a nationwide movement trying to empower communities to rid themselves of non-essential single-sue plastic waste.
Myself (Nina) and Nathalie have signed up as community leads but we are always looking for volunteers to join the team.


 We are currently bombarded with single-use plastic in our everyday lives through packaging, bags, takeaway tools etc… This waste either contributes to global warming by being incinerated in landfills or adds to ocean pollution.
But this CAN and WILL change by changing our behaviours and telling businesses about it.

 How do we become a #plasticfreecommunity?

 We need to fulfil 5 OBJECTIVES and YOU can help with each and every one of them. Highlighted in blue is where you can have a part to play.

 Objective 1 – Local Governance

Get the council to support the campaign. We have already touched base with the council and they are aware of our campaign. We will be meeting with them regularly for updates on how their own plastic free initiatives are going.

 Objective 2 – Resistance Hubs: Local Businesses

Talk to local businesses and help them switch single-use plastics for reusable or recyclable alternatives. If they make three switches, they get a Plastic Free Champion award, a certificate and stickers to promote their business and we will promote them on social media too.

How you can help: If you are a regular or simply know the people well at your local café/bar/restaurant/shop then please talk to them about the campaign. Ask them about their single-use plastic use and provide them with the business toolkit created by the charity. Let us know and we will send you the toolkit to send to them or send it ourselves.
To receive a copy of this toolkit email myself or Nathalie ( or

You can then help them to become a plastic free champion and deliver the award yourself or if you are too busy we will help them. or

 Objective 3 – Plastic Free Allies

Gather the support of schools and community centres.

How you can help: If you have kids at a local school and/or are on a school committee please get in touch! We have a plastic free schools programme which kids can get involved with.

Objective 4 – On The Ground Action: Plastic Free Rallies

Carry out plastic free events such as Mass Unwraps, fundraisers, talks etc…

How you can help: Join our Facebook pages: Surfers Against Sewage London and Plastic Free Portobello. Here we will post about events you can join such as beach cleans, mass unwraps, community clean-ups etc…

 Objective 5 – Local Resistance Strategic Group

Set up quarterly meetings to discuss the campaigns progress and expand the number of businesses signed onto the campaign.

How you can help: If you want to commit to the cause on a longer time-frame then get in touch and we can add you to the team. Then you can attend council meetings and help us come up with event ideas.

Any Questions?

If you have ANY questions at all then please get in touch! We can’t wait to hear from you.   or

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